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One Acts at Santa Clara University

I attended the one acts at Santa Clara University, and I was completely blown away. The piece that completely stunned me and blew me away was Kylie’s piece: A Kind of Alaska by Harold Pinter. Now it would be easy to think of me as biased and Kylie is my best friend, but on of my core values is to be honest about other people’s work, as I would like them to be honest about mine. I think Kylie is going to leave a footprint in the directing world. This is her first piece she has directed, but she is already developing her open unique directing style.

The play began with backlit curtains. Skylar Adams, who played Deborah was first scene dancing behind them, only her shadow seen by the audience. This set the mood for the scene, and also tired back to the dialogue, helping the audience understand the meaning behind Pinter’s layered dialogue. Skylar also portrayed a heartbreaking panic attack onstage. It was believable, but was not abrasive to the point of alienating the audience.

The play also had a current of subtle humor running through it. The Dialogue between Hornby (played by Austin Lindsay) and Deborah was a humorous as it was heartbreak. The piece was dynamic, taking the audience on an emotional rollercoaster, leaving us breathless and on the edge of our seats.

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