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About Me

I am a classically trained actor, with the goal of bringing a fresh and modern perspective of Shakespeare to audiences. Shakespeare is a playwright with his fingers on the pulse of humanity, and I believe theatre will enact social change. 

My instrument of choice: Shakespeare’s Fool. I’ve learned the most from Shakespeare’s Fool because the fool is able to communicate inflammatory and difficult topics, and often forces us to confront hidden parts of ourselves. The fool is considered to be the village idiot. But it is through that blind spot of not being taken seriously, being viewed as entertainment that the fool slips through and takes hold of the audience. Through the guise of comedy and entertainment, the fool is able to convey troubling social truths. My first fool was Puck, then Tranio, and then Mercutio. Playing these roles challenged me to explore physicality. I learned how to go in depth with a script and unlock the meaning through physicality. Before I even picked up a sword as Mercutio, I scoured the script for hints of his personality, how that would affect his fighting style, the way he moved, and the rules he was willing to break. I studied yoga, stage combat, spent hours in front of a mirror embodying and revising the words through my body; seeing how far I could go and what I could do. I drew on movement from ballet, modern dance, studied how animals moved and behaved, and practiced dramaturgy on the period, author, and language, until there was no stone unturned.Playing Tranio at Queen Mary University of London let me explore the similarities and differences between Shakespeare performance in England versus the US. 

My professional debut was at Cal Shakes working on War of the Roses with Eric Ting. I played five characters: Joan De Pucelle, Rutland, Prince Ned, Prince Edward, and a little girl. I got to explore and flex my versatility; going from playing a fiery revolutionary to an eleven-year-old boy. I put in the work and research for each of those five characters that I would put in for a lead. I researched each character’s place in British history, and got to apply all of the techniques I had learned over the years. Cal Shakes was a chance to watch professionals working in their element. For the first time I was out of the classroom and into the fire, and I bathed in that fire; reforged so to speak. I learned that I could be a professional actor and that I truly could pursue this career. I was good at it, I felt fulfilled, and I enjoyed every step of the process.

Marie Sadd.png

Height: 5'

Eye Color: Green

Hair Color: Brown

Voice: Mezzo Soprano

Location: Los Angeles, CA



The Great Gatsby                   Ensemble                      California Institute of the Arts            Tina Kronis

Romeo and Juliet                   Mercutio                       Santa Clara University                          Aldo Billingslea

War of the Roses:                                                         California Shakespeare Theater          Eric Ting

  • Henry VI Part I                  Joan de Pucelle           California Shakespeare Theater          Eric Ting

  • Henry VI Part II                 Rutland                         California Shakespeare Theater          Eric Ting

  • Henry VI Part III                Rutland/Ned                California Shakespeare Theater          Eric Ting

  • Richard III                         Prince Edward              California Shakespeare Theater          Eric Ting

The Circuit                              Ensemble                      Santa Clara University                          Jeffrey Lo

Tartuffe                                    Elmire                            Santa Clara University                          Michael Zampelli

Taming of the Shrew              Tranio                            Queen Mary Univ. of London              Joseph Winer

Measure for Measure             Isabella                         Santa Clara University                          Jeffrey Bracco

Welcome to Claradise           Cast                               Santa Clara University                          Aldo Billingslea



  • MFA Acting Student at California Institute of the Arts

    • Daniel Passer, Heidi Scheller, Mecca Andrews, Damian Lewis, Babette Markus, Carl Hancock Rux, Marissa Chibas, Travis Preston, Lewis Klahr, Janie Geiser.

  • BA in theatre arts; acting emphasis from Santa Clara University 

  • Acting – Mirjana Jokovic, Daniel Passer, Marissa Chibas, Bart de Lorenzo, Babette Markus, Aldo Billingslea, Kimberly Mohne Hill, Jeffrey Bracco, Barbara Murray, Michael Zampelli,

  • Voice and Speech- Kalean Ung, Rafael L. Barrantes, Toni Smith, Heidi Scheller, Damian Lewis, Kimberly Mohne Hill, Patrick Leveque, Debra Lambert

  • Voice Over- 

  • Writing- Carl Hancock Rux, Lewis Klahr

  • Movement- Anthony Nikolchev, Mecca Andrews 

  • Devised theatre- Anna Deavere Smith, Brian Thorstenson

  • Devised theatre workshop with Anna Deavere Smith

  • Recent teaching artist for San Francisco Shakespeare Festival's summer program

  • Atlas program at Theatre Bay Area

  • Oregon Shakespeare Festival Summer Seminar for High School Juniors

  • Original member of Youth Council at A Noise Within Theatre, Pasadena, CA

  • Idyllwild Arts Summer Theatre Festival.


Stage combat                       British RP dialect                          Jazz/Tap, Ballet, Modern

Broadsword                          Voice acting                                  Clowning       

Rapier & dagger                   I fit in a travel sized suitcase       Phonetic transcription       

Shakespeare expert             Playwriting                                    Can pass a little kid or teenager 


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