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As a playwright, I seek to create eccentric and layered characters. I am currently working on a five play cycle called The Mortician's Cycle. These five stand on their own as individuals; filled with different characters, settings, and stories. But put together, the five are having a lively conversation about our playful relationship with death. 

Part One: The Bone Lady

The Bone Lady. Who is she? What is she? Why is she here? It takes a particular type of person to work with the dead. David just wanted to see a play. The Bone Lady just wants to give him an experience he’ll never forget.  Join her as she drags David along a journey of bones, 20,000 skeletons, and unexpected audience participation. In the morbidly fascinating, rib cracking comedy that explores  death and bones and the need for human connection.

Part Two: The Night the Fireworks Started

The apocalypse has come and gone. Dante’s inferno’s gone up in flames. The ashes of Charles Dickens cover the remnants of London. Ray Bradbury went up in smoke at 451 degrees Fahrenheit. In the ashen wasteland that was America, a handful of apocalypse survivors struggle under the weight of their own stories and the burden of the past. But temperature is dropping, the fire is dying out, and those books they are carrying are looking more and more like kindling every passing minute….

Part 3: Formaldehyde 

Marisha works as a mortician. But this time, the body on her table is Julia Rouse; her childhood bully. To make matters worse, Julia's ghost is stuck haunting her until the job is done. These two women must confront scars, both mental and physical, in this dark comedy that can only be described as Ghostbusters meets the Egyptian Book of the Dead. (Play in progress)


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