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I had the pleasure of seeing this year’s cast of Charisma Perform. This was one of my favorite Charisma performances that I have ever seen. A scene that particularly stuck me was the apocalypse scene. The scene was about the last two survivors dying in a desert. Derek and Patrick had a hilarious dynamic that was intimate and tender at the same time. While Patrick’s character despaired about their situation, Derek’s character was off on a tangent about buzzards. I am currently writing a play for my senior project called The Night the Fireworks Started, which also takes place during the apocalypse. It was interesting for me to see that while this scene and my play focused on different issues, they had a common theme of the meaning of humanity running through them.

Every scene in this play was enriched with a uniting net of spirituality. You could feel the bond the cast members had onstage. The uniting imagery of the play was birds. Feathers played an important part in the costumes, and the last image was of the cast spreading their wings, taking flight while also finding shelter in each other’s feathers.

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